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  • Never realized how much we would use our Silent Safaris! It's great for when the toddler is sleeping and my husband and I want to watch a loud movie. We use it in hotel rooms when one of us wants to sleep and someone else wants to watch TV.

    Robyn, Texas

    Silent Safaris saved our marriage! Well, at least it’s helped keep the peace ;). You guys are great with service too - thanks again!

    Joy, Arizona
  • Super easy set-up and works exactly as described! Problem solved – thanks Silent Safaris!

    Crystal, Virginia

    Silent Safaris saved us by stopping the arguing. Now everyone can hear what they want, without all the cross over. Great idea, great product, great price!

    Amy, North Carolina
  • Your product has delivered what you claimed in your promotional material! You have exceeded my expectations in experience and value. Thanks again.

    Sue, Illinois

    Perfect size, amazing sound and now I can block out and and tune in what I want, when I want. Thanks Silent Safaris!

    Steve, Florida